There Is a HomeEdit

Check This out!!! The gallery, These gallery are the character. You can add the Characters to the home page, If You don't know how to go this website just type and click on the Add a photo to this gallery button and you should upload a character photo and adding captions about the character.

Starting Adding a lots of pagesEdit

You should remember!!! You should not add any videos or link website in the page of the wiki. Why? Because this wiki is character not other. You could add more character to this wiki. Remember!!! A new Character.

Removing the PageEdit

You cannot remove the page? Because this wiki is made by Sandy Chen so that's not yours. If you do the wrong I will delete your created page and looks okay if I delete a page you can add another character in the wiki and not adding videos and the link website.

Editing the PageEdit

If you need adding more details Just click on Edit button and it show you add Photo, Gallery, Slideshow, Slider, Video, Table. These are editing pages do not put video and table on this wiki page. This wiki is a character wiki and you could change picture and information on this wiki, Other wiki can add videos and other things.

Getting StartedEdit

Go this website and click on the Contribute button. Only the triangle, Click on the triangle and you see a lots of things to do and click on Add a Page button and get started to create a character page. Remember a New Character.